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Matriculation Ceremony for the first set of Students at BCC

Class in Session

The Bethel Christian College is an institution operated by the Bethel World Outreach Ministries to cater to the needs of all Christians called to the ministry of Christ. The Bible College is primarily established to provide the required training academically, spiritually and practically for the call and profession of those that are called to the ministry of Jesus Christ. This professional training should enable graduates to practice effectively in and out of the local church.
The Bethel College of Biblical Studies is an institution that provides training that leads to a Bachelor of theology and Christian Ministry with a four year period and each year is divided into two semester with each semester comprising sixteen weeks of full academic work. The sixteen weeks do not cover other extracurricular activities. They are all included into the yearly calendar of
events. All students are encouraged to maintain a good academic standard according to the measurement of the college.

Presently, the Bible College offers the following programs;
Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor in theology (B.TH.) and Bachelor in Ministry (B. Min.)
The purpose of these programs is to provide basic knowledge, skills; principles for effective and efficient Christian minister exercising his/her call in Sierra Leone and the world. The programs have outlined the following objectives:
1. To arouse interest of the student to a progressive learning by research and creativity
2. To challenge the student to a progressive spiritual development for an appropriate relationship with God, the church, family and community in a way of bringing glory to the name of God.
3. To challenge students to the awareness of the guidance of God in his/her ministry and spiritual life for an evaluation and growth.

4. To provide the basic theological foundation, pastoral skills and knowledge necessary for an effective, fruitful and authoritative

In order to properly meet the desired objective of our curriculum, Bethel College of Biblical Studies has divided her program into the following:
1. Theology – to prepare the student to present his/her faith in a Philosophical perspective consistent with the general teachings of the scripture.

2. Christian Ministry – provides for the student the biblical basis and demonstration in evangelism, discipleship, pastoral counseling, leadership and general ministry.

3. Biblical Studies – provides for the student the general historical background development, themes and their application of the content of the Bible.

4. General Studies – this prepares the student in general field of philosophy or supporting disciplines needed for the enhancement of learning in relationship with others and the effectiveness of one’s ministry.

5. Church History – provides for the student knowledge in general church history and the appreciation of the tradition of his faith and the implication for contemporary action.

Regardless of race or denomination, everyone who has been a faithful Christian, serving in a local church or congregation must submit an official application form bought from the college registry. In addition to the application form, one must provide to the registrar’s office the following documents before his/her file is brought to the admission committee.
a. A formal application form requesting admission to the Bible College.
b. A non-refundable application fee (to be determined by the Business Office)
c. Personal Christian testimony – a typed page
d. An educational transcript indicating your level of education

e. Three letters of recommendations from:
i. family member or if married your spouse
ii. employer (if any) or from the community in which you reside
iii. your pastor of the local church
iv. an applicant is required to take an exam and attend an interview for admission

For further information call the following cell numbers: 232 33 351 501/ 076 785 422 / 077 670 782
Or visit: 156 Circular Road, Freetown Sierra Leone
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